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Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

Yes, a personal trainer can help you lose weight. Through a proper training regimen designed by the trainer as well as nutritional guidance losing weight is only a grain of salt to what personal trainers can really offer. We also offer ready made meals here from Lean Machine San Diego helping you stay fit regardless of your schedule.

Getting a personal trainer can be worth it to some, but for most it all depends. Depending on how dedicated you are to yourself and your goals a personal trainer can tremendously help fast track your progression. Having that outside help and guidance is none like any other. Personal trainers are fitness professionals and are there to help you throughout your fitness journey.

Here at PB Fitness, we want to encourage people to not just enjoy working out, in a boot camp class but also to have the ability to work side by side with a personal trainer that is specifically there to make sure that the goals are being met.

How long should you have a personal trainer?

Depending on the size of the goal you want to attain, the length of having a personal trainer varies. If you are brand new to the fitness game and have no clue on how to start, getting a personal trainer for 1-2 months can help out boost your start. A personal trainer should help guide you in the direction you want to go. Here at PB Fitness our variety of personal trainers can help a wide array of goal reaching whatever they may be.

What is the benefit of working out outside?

The benefits of exercising outdoors are many. From getting extra vitamin D from the sun to not staying stationary for an extended period of time. Outdoor exercise also promotes improved mood and reduced depression. Being out in the open provides a mental health boost that one cannot get in an indoor gym.

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