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Quite often boot camp classes in San Diego are held outdoors in parks or on the beach. Working out in a public area can be difficult because the consistency isn’t there and sometimes lack of equipment can hinder your workout. Our boot camp classes are held outside, but we have state of the art equipment and tools that can help your workout. Our facility also has lockers for both men and women, as well as an indoor yoga studio that opens up to the street. 

We also offer personal training which is fantastic because our personal trainers also teach our boot camp classes. The advantage here is that you can see which personal appeals to your workout style and goals. 

What is a good price for a personal trainer?

The price for a personal trainer varies from gym to gym especially here in San Diego. The typical price for a personal trainer here at PB Fitness will range form $40 – $75 depending on how many sessions are purchased. 


What is the difference between a personal trainer and a fitness instructor? 

The main difference between a personal trainer and fitness instructor is that on one hand one profession deals with individual to individual training. Whereas the other deals with training with a group of 3 or more at a time. 

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

Yes, a personal trainer can help you lose weight. Through a proper training regimen designed by the trainer as well as nutritional guidance losing weight is only a grain of salt to what personal trainers can really offer. We also offer ready made meals here from Lean Machine San Diego helping you stay fit regardless of your schedule. 

Getting a personal trainer can be worth it to some, but for most it all depends. Depending on how dedicated you are to yourself and your goals a personal trainer can tremendously help fast track your progression. Having that outside help and guidance is none like any other. Personal trainers are fitness professionals and are there to help you throughout your fitness journey.

Here at PB Fitness, we want to encourage people to not just enjoy working out, in a boot camp class but also to have the ability to work side by side with a personal trainer that is specifically there to make sure that the goals are being met. 

We all have different fitness goals, but to us here a few that we feel are important:

Be in it for the long run.

This is not a seasonal thing, fitness should be about a life-long plan and having a healthy lifestyle can increase your chances of having a longer life. 

Get into a healthier nutrition plan. 

One of the hardest parts of fitness is dialing in a nutrition plan that can be repeated without thought. You can keep yourself in check by having a partner or by ordering meals through Lean Machine. This way you can constantly make sure that your performance is 100% and that you’re living a healthier lifestyle. 

Consistency is key.

Consistency and persistence is all you need to reach your personal fitness goals. But you have to be flexible and live a well balanced life. Sometimes you’re not going to make it to the gym, but as long as you try and go at least three to four times per week, then that is consistent enough. 

Improve overall performance.

Your athletic performance is gauged by various factors with exercise science also helping us understand how you can improve your immune system as well as making sure that you take care of your internal system. Make sure that you’re taking care of all of those areas to ensure optimal performance. 

Move out of your comfort zone. 

Get out of your headspace and your insecurities and move out of your comfort zone into a more solid place. Sometimes our boot camp classes can help you learn more about different types of exercises that you might have never even known existed. 

Set realistic goals.

Make specific, measurable, and attainable goals. Goal setting is something we all do. If you have ever had a personal trainer you know that creating attainable goals is crucial to goal setting. To effectively goal set you want to be specific and have a measurable time stamp on how you want to tackle this said goal.

A personal trainer can help you with all of these goals. If you focus on establishing better habits which yield better results then everything else will fall into place. 

What techniques does a personal trainer use to help me get strong?

There are several techniques a personal trainer can use to help a client get strong. Depending the expertise of the personal trainer most regimens follow a periodization flow chart. This is a method used to start of with high volume at the beginning of the program (meaning a lot of reps) and slowly progressing to fewer reps overtime with each week the weight being increased. This allows the body to adapt in a progressive overload fashion. 

What is the benefit of working out outside?

The benefits of exercising outdoors are many. From getting extra vitamin D from the sun to not staying stationary for an extended period of time. Outdoor exercise also promotes improved mood and reduced depression. Being out in the open provides a mental health boost that one cannot get in an indoor gym. On top of that it is very low cost to workout outside. 

What can I get at PB Fitness that’s different than another gym like Equinox?

Here at PB Fitness we not only have the outdoor factor to offer our members, we also offer a tight knit community. This helps us specify each workout, each week so that progression will follow. All of our personal trainers not only do one on ones, but also teach our classes. We aim to do more than just provide a space to workout. We want to help individuals reach their goals through an experience above and beyond.

Should my personal trainer focus on strength training only?

Getting a personal trainer can help with weight loss, however you do not need one from the start. The best thing to do when it comes to weight loss is to figure out your nutrition habits first. One of the most common issues when it comes to nutrition habits is over eating. Figuring out what your habits are first and then if you still have any issues with losing weight we highly recommend signing up with a fitness professional (personal trainer). 

Does a personal trainer really help?

Yes, a personal trainer really helps. There are many styles of training when it comes to personal training as well as working out for yourself. Finding a trainer that fits your specific needs can be really beneficial in helping you reach your goals. Accountability is one of the hardest things to find when you are first starting out on your fitness journey. A personal trainer can not only hold you accountable on your goals, but they can be very motivating as well.

How long should you have a personal trainer?

Depending on the size of the goal you want to attain, the length of having a personal trainer varies. If you are brand new to the fitness game and have no clue on how to start, getting a personal trainer for 1-2 months can help out boost your start. A personal trainer should help guide you in the direction you want to go. Here at PB Fitness our variety of personal trainers can help a wide array of goal reaching whatever they may be.