Rooftop Boot Camp Training Workout in Pacific Beach, CA

At PB Fitness we have a different workout everyday of the week that focuses on a specific set of muscle groups. Every week is a complete new workout so that our members never repeat the same workout twice. The benefit to changing up the workouts each week is that our workouts do not become boring. This means that our members get a whole new boot camp challenge each week, throughout the week.

Every Day Is A Boot Camp Challenge

Monday: Full Body Conditioning

Monday boot camp exercises are focused on working out the entire body through various styles of circuits. These  exercises are taught by personal trainers that have tons of experience in group fitness. Our trainers teach the boot camp classes so that the boot camp exercise drills are for beginners. Monday’s have a high caloric expenditure. Areas worked are: chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders, glutes, abs, and your core.

Tabata: 8 rounds 20 work/10 seconds rest

1)BOSU burpee

2)Battle rope JJ

3)Sled Push

4)Box jump

5)pull ups (modification band pull ups)

6)DB squat press


8)Slider mountain climbe

9)Flutter kicks

10)Resisted Runner (with heavy resistance band)

Tuesday: Triceps – H.I.I.T.

Tuesday is focused on a variety of different exercises to challenge the chest and triceps muscle groups. These exercises are designed to help with strength and conditioning the upper body, and will help with overall fitness goals.  We also incorporate high intense interval training to challenge our members. An example of one of the boot camp drills for beginners is a push up position. Areas worked are: chest, triceps, shoulders, legs and core.

Format: 1:00 work/:20 station switch x 3 circuits

1)TRX triceps extension

2)DB SB fly


4)Treadmill or elliptical

5)BOSU Push up

6)Assault bike

7)DB chest press

8)Jump rope

9)DB skull crusher


Wednesday: Abs – Plyometrics

Wednesdays boot camp exercise drills are designed to train the Abs and work on explosive movements such as box jumps. A boot camp drill for beginners is a plank which taught by a highly experienced personal trainer. Areas worked: Abs, legs, arms and core.

EMOM 6 Station/6min stations/ 15 seconds transition

1)plyo Jump/ab Tucks

2)bosu s2s/ Bicycle crunch

3)bosu pop squat/Slider Climbers

4)bench step up side-side /bench Leg lift

5)Plank Jack/Butterfly bench sit-up

6)Ladder hops/Plate Russian Twist

Thursday: Shoulders | Glutes | Legs

Thursdays our boot camp exercise drills incorporate an array of exercises to challenge the shoulders, glutes, and legs. Areas worked, shoulders, legs, glutres, arms and core.


1. 20, 15, 10 Leg Press

2 min sprint (Treadmill or Elliptical)

2. 10, 8, 6 laps DB Walking Lunges

2 min Assault Bike

3. Crazy 8’s x 3 sets

2 min Mountain Climber

4. 20, 15, 10 Barbell Squat

2 min Rower

5. 20, 15, 10 DB Arnold Shoulder Press

2 mins Battle ropes

Friday: Back | Biceps | Core

Fridays our boot camp exercise drills are focused on back, biceps, and core muscles. These boot camp exercises are for beginners, and for the experienced. There will be a lot of attention on pulling exercise for the back and biceps, and stabilizing exercises to challenge the core muscles. Areas worked are: back, biceps, core and abs.

1. 15, 12, 10. Band pull ups/15ea bag kicks

2. 25, 20, 15 Db Bent Row/15eaBand Bicep Curl

3. 25, 20, 15 KB Single Arm Row/20 Alt Bosu Sit-up

4. 25, 15, 12 Trx high Row/15ea Plate side bends

5. 20, 15, 12 DB renegade row /25 Superman

End or if finish early:

50 Plank Jacks

25 Leg Lifts

100 crunches

Saturday: Calorie Burner

Saturdays boot camp exercise drills are designed for getting the most calories burnt in a 50 min workout. Areas worked are chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders, glutes, abs and core.

3 circuits – 3min, 2min,1min (: 20switch)

Round 1: 3 mins

Round 2: 2 mins

Round 3: 1 min

1) Mountain climber

2) Rower

3) Assault bike

4) Treadmill

5) Sled push

6) Jump rope

Boot Camp Workouts Can Help Prevent Injuries

How do I train for boot camp?

To train for boot camp exercise drills, you need to master the basic boot camp exercises for beginners. Some exercises to start out with are the push up, squat, sit up, plank position, and cardiovascular activities such as running/ jogging, swimming, or biking.

Are boot camp workouts effective?

Yes, boot camp exercise drills are very effective. Not only do boot camp workouts provide new exercises to challenge muscle groups, but people are pushed to give more to the workout by working out around other people.

How often should you do a boot camp workout?

Boot camp workouts should be done 3-5 times a week depending on fitness goals.

How can I exercise on my own?

When starting to workout it is always best to get advice on proper form and techniques to prevent injury. There are many ways to go about getting this information however seeking a personal trainer is a great start. Another way to get information is through videos that show proper form and a detailed explanation of how to do the exercise. Once you have a solid foundation on how to perform boot camp exercise for beginners, it is time to start incorporating more advanced boot camp exercise drills to continue to challenge the body.

What injuries are associated with computer use?

Most injuries that are associated with computer use involve the lower back, neck, and wrist. Some exercises that can help with both the lower back and neck is the plank exercise. This exercise helps strengthen the core muscles which are essential muscles that help with stabilization of the spine and hips. An exercise that can help with the wrist is weighted wrist extensions, using either a resistance band or weight. A personal trainer is a great way to get help learning these corrective exercises with proper form.

What happens when you sit at a desk all day?

The human body is built to move, so when someone sits at a computer all day the core and leg muscles are not being used which results in atrophy of the muscles that are meant to support the spine and for motion such as walking. Also due to lack of these core muscles results in poor posture which eventually leads to lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and excess weight gain.

What are the effects of sitting at a computer all day?

The effects of sitting at a computer all day is that the body is not being used as it was built to be used. This means that the core muscles that help with posture and locomotion start to lose their strength (atrophy) which will eventually lead to aches and pains in the lower back, neck, etc.

What are the health problems commonly associated with computer use?

Boot Camp Near La Jolla, Bird Rock & Mission Beach

PB Fitness is located within a 1 mile radius of mission beach, La Jolla, and Bird Rock. This is the perfect distance to get a light jog, bike ride or brisk walk to warm up for one of our boot camp workouts. We are located on Cass St which is one of the more popular streets in Pacific Beach San Diego providing an assortment of shops and diners. Grab a cup of coffee from Java Earth before your workout and then get something to eat after at Second Nature to replenish the body with proper nutrients. We are also roughly half a mile from the beach, so our members can enjoy working on their tan after getting a great workout in.