Welcome to PB Fit Yoga!


We create mindful strength and mobility classes that fuel connection, positivity, and well-being in community.


BE Fit

A strength-building class that improves your mobility and challenges your whole body and mind in new ways. Postures are held for longer periods to emphasize proper alignment, build strength, and encourage movement from a place of intention. (Ashtanga Improvisation)

BE Balanced

An energizing class that focuses on preparing you for balancing postures ranging from grounding mountain to handstand for you to develop your deep stabilizing muscles. Dynamic movements and creative sequencing give students a a “meditation in motion”, where the body takes on various shapes while the mind remains focused and relaxed.

BE Mobile

An invigorating class that blends a Vinyasa flow with dynamic breathing and mindful strength exercises, along with a few long-hold yin poses to end. This class is suited for beginners to advanced practitioners alike seeking to enhance clarity, sustainability, attention, and presence in their practice.

BE Serene

A slow-flow Hatha class that gently moves you to enliven your breath and awaken your body.  This well-rounded yoga class experience aims to leave you relaxed and destressed. Class is suitable for beginners or people with limited mobility.

BE Nourished

A yin-style deep stretch class to improve your peak performance with poses that can increase joint mobility and encourage fascia release.

FlowLIFT Fitness

An innovative workout using light ankle and hand weights. You’ll be challenged in a whole new way with cardio drills, fun combination moves, and influences from yoga, pilates, and weight training. Get lean, improve balance, develop core strength, and develop mental sharpness. Classes are 45-minutes with cool-down and final relaxation.

Our Instructors

Lizzie Wurm

Lizzie Wurm, RYT 200, is a passionate Yoga Teacher with advanced training in Hatha Yoga (Rishikesh, India) + Vinyasa Yoga (San Diego, CA). She is committed to creating a safe and intelligent sequence that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Outside of yoga, Lizzie loves spending as much time as possible in the sunshine, playing in the ocean, traveling the world, and spending time with friends and family.

John Q

John Q, ERYT-500, hails from New York and has been teaching yoga full time since 2014. Upon receiving his 300 hour certification in September 2015, John began a rigorous full-time teaching schedule of around 20 classes a week throughout New York and New Jersey. He now leads international retreats as well as 200 & 300 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in San Diego. In his spare time, John also works as a mentor new yoga teachers grow their ability to lead local retreats. He also works with animal rescue organizations and makes a mean homemade vegan taco!


Lara is a registered Ashtanga yoga teacher and completed her 200 hour RYT training in San Diego. Lara has been practicing yoga since 2000. She has lived and practiced in Miami, Dallas, Vancouver, BC, Norwich, UK, Chicago, IL, and currently San Diego, CA. Lara’s philosophy is to make yoga approachable, to help students realize untapped possibilities, and to facilitate the reaping of yoga’s endless benefits.


Suze Poole is a 500 hr RYT feels blessed to have had many generous teachers during the past decade in vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha, chair yoga, and reiki. Drawn to yoga because it offered a place of calm and enjoys how her practice is ever-changing and always growing.

Suze enjoys tending her garden and welcomes you to class with an open mind and open heart. She strives to create a practice where people will feel more balanced, calm, and inspired to know that they are their own healer. Practice, not perfect.


As an athlete and avid runner, Abigail began her yoga journey in the Ashtanga tradition, immersing herself in the study and practice of all aspects of yoga. With her 200 E-RYT yoga teacher certification and 300+ hours of continued education, Abigail includes movement modalities such as Barre, functional movement, and improv dance to create skillfully sequenced classes that both support and challenge students to learn about the biomechanics of their bodies. In both her local classes and global retreats, Abigail is passionate about facilitating creative experiences that invite the joy of balancing of inward and outward generosity.


Leah is RYT-200 certified, FlowLIFT certified and studying to become a dental hygienist. She’s dealing out the toned abs as well as the pearly whites! Here’s what she has to say about FlowLIFT:

“Eclectic playlists, weights, and sweat!  What are you waiting for? Leah became a certified yoga teacher in 2015 and a FlowLIFT certified teacher in 2018. Here’ has completely changed my body and has made me feel stronger and more aware in everything else I do. As a yoga teacher, FlowLIFT has shown me new ways to connect with my core and increase my overall strength. My vinyasa practice is at a whole new level and my teaching feels more inspired than ever. I love being able to share my love for yoga in all of its unique forms. The best thing about teaching this class is how much FUN we are having. Come to my class if you want to laugh and let go of everything for the best 45 minutes of your day. Let’s go for it!”